Friday, February 3, 2012

Apple's Patent Lawsuits, Big 3 Revenue

Apple faces setback in Europe over their fight with Motorola: apple-on-motorola-ip-claims-in-germany-this-old-pager-patent-is-invalid

Basically, Apple is waging a worldwide patent war against many other phone-makers, which seems strange. Patents are supposed to be used like nukes - Don't sue me, or I'll sue you, and we'll both lose tons of money. What is Apple's strategy? Probably they figure they have enough money that lawsuits cannot threaten them too much, but other companies might run out and be forced to give in to Apple.

Also, in case you were wondering where Apple, Google, and Microsoft get all their revenue, here's some simple charts:
Google makes all of their money from advertising, one wonders if maybe they should diversify. It's also interesting how much Apple makes from the iPhone and how Microsoft makes a significant chunk from server software, which most people haven't heard of.

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