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Startup Ideas

Paul Graham recently wrote a post about How to Get Startup Ideas, so I figured I’d write about a couple of startup ideas. This post list some of them in a couple of words, and later I’ll pick a few to write about in more detail.

Education & Content:
This is an area that many are working on to change (finally), but there’s still a lot that can be done.

  • Platform for creating interactive educational content.
  • New platform for publishing general content
  • Bootcamps for learning technical topics
  • Programming for the masses

Replacing Intermediaries:
Before the internet, it was necessary to have various intermediaries involved in transactions. The internet has changed that for many things (e.g. buying airline tickets), but some areas remain stubborn to change (e.g. cars or houses). There are various ways certain industries can be brought up-to-date with the internet.

Better Search
Everything is search. It’s not what you know, but what you can search for that counts.

  • A Better meta-search?
  • Better Website searches
  • Integrating search and actions within applications
  • Tracking everything you read or learn for later ‘recall’

The Internet has changed how we buy things, but made everything more complex. People need help getting what’s best for them at the best price.

  • Finding the best deals quickly
  • Reliable data-based reviews
  • Chipping away at Craigslist…
  • Crowd-sourced startups
  • Alternative Wikipedia
  • Lottery-ticket Investing
  • Computer-aided productivity

YCombinator Demo Day and Deadline

Ycombinator just had their demo day where 66 startups graduated the program and pitched to investors. In addition, tomorrow is the last day to apply for their summer cycle. Some interesting ones from current batch:

Crowdtilt: Kickstarter for raising money from friends.

Givespark: Kickstarter for celebrities to raise money for charity. Started by 4 students from Yeshiva University, including S. Laks. Short article about it on VentureBeat.

AnyVivo – They sell jellyfish online. Yes, jellyfish. They dominate the online jellyfish market.

ark.com – Thye’re supposed to be a good people search.

flutter.io – Control your computer using hand gestures.

icracked.com – Fix your broken iStuff.

For more info, see some of the posts on TechCrunch.

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups « Steve Blank

To date, Israel is only country that has engineered a successful entrepreneurship cluster from the ground up. It’s Yozma program kick-started a private venture capital industry with government funds, (emulating the U.S. lesson of using SBIC funds.), but then the government got out of the way.

In addition, the Israeli government originally funded 23 early stage incubators but turned them over to the VC’s to own and manage. They’re run by business professionals (not real-estate managers looking to rent out excess office space) and entry is not for life-style entrepreneurs, but is a bootcamp for VC funding.

Government and private enterprise don’t generally go well together, but Israel managed to get venture capital flowing by gathering the money and then getting out of the way.