7 thoughts on “Picking a Programming Language – Chart”

  1. A concern of mine is the distinct lack of any mention of Perl on here. I have Perl skills that at least approach an intermediate level and am wondering if I should move on to Ruby or Python or just stick with Perl for interactive website development. I’d appreciate some educated insight into it.

    Nice post, BTW.

  2. You can run c# in almosts all hardware plataforms and OS thanks Miguel de Icaza mono c# free compiler. So you only need to sold your soul if you wish it

  3. Two omissions here on the right hand side … iOS/iPhone (using Objective-C) and C/C++ for everything else (embedded, gaming, low level OS, etc.). Add that and it would be a big improvement.

  4. You forgot the choice: “Do you want to build an application that runs on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone?” -> Yes -> Learn C#. Xamarin ftw. Or “Do you want to build a website with over a billion users like Facebook?” -> Yes -> Learn C++

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